A reliable solution to your head safety, ensuring comfort and style – together

Soft protection helmet for your everyday life and special needs!

RibCap helps make lives easier for those vulnerable to health problems like autism, seizures, and epilepsy, bringing them the best trendy soft helmets. With these non-stigmatizing soft helmets, RibCap also achieves its objective of providing a safety solution that people will adapt for their daily use.

Feeling an urgent need of introducing a safety cap that people can wear with confidence, we have come up with an exclusive product line of modern head protection that you would love to buy, wear, and make a part of your routine. It’s non-stigmatizing, it’s reliably soft, and undoubtedly its style is worthy of mention.

Specially Developed Soft Protective Foam Gives Your Head an Ultimate Protection

Before RibCap, comfort and safety never came together. Protecting your head against injuries caused by falling, bumping, or any other source, the specially developed foam makes sure to deliver you with all the safety and comfort that you need. The soft foam is light in weight but equally effective, well designed, and is super-efficient. The feature is so unique that it sets RibCap apart from other brands; it’s unique, and it’s non-recognizable while you are wearing the cap.

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