With more than 50 years of experience, SCA Hygiene Products AB ("SCA") is the worldwide leader in the management of incontinence, providing products and services for individuals and healthcare organizations throughout 105 countries. Under the brand name TENA, SCA provides a full range of absorbent products tailored to the distinct needs of men and women, including pantiliners, daytime and overnight pads, male guards, protective underwear, briefs, skin care products, and underpads. With the TENA brand, SCA is at the forefront of developing products that minimize the impact of incontinence and improve the everyday lives of people living or working with bladder leakage or incontinence. TENA products feature innovative technologies, such as comfortable QuickDry topsheets, super-absorbent Lock Away Core, and Advanced Odour Protection, to ensure protection, comfort and discretion for wearers.

SCA's Mission

Our mission is clearly defined: To improve the lives of people living or working with incontinence around the world.

It's all about people…

As well as being surprisingly common, incontinence is irrespective of age or overall health, often happening to people in the prime of their lives.

It may not be an especially serious medical condition in and of itself, but the perceived social taboo around incontinence can hurt an individual's confidence during social situations. The ever-present fear of 'an accident' can make many of the things we take for granted - shopping, exercising, even lifting your child for a hug - seem daunting.

Without proper management of the condition, there's a possibility that people experiencing incontinence may become withdrawn, denying themselves the very things they most enjoy in life.

SCA, the maker of TENA® is dedicated to the idea that incontinence shouldn't stop people from leading a full and happy life. This idea lies at the core of everything we do: whether we're developing products and services, promoting best practices for incontinence care within healthcare residential homes, or broadening public understanding.

… and providing better care

In an aging society, it's inevitable that increasing numbers require hands-on care either at home with their loved ones or in professional residential care. For caregiving relatives, incontinence care can be a physically, emotionally and economically demanding role. We want to provide the best advice, support and products we can to help them provide the best quality of life for themselves as well as the loved ones they care for.

With SCA's experience working with healthcare professionals, we continue to develop more effective products, services and educational materials that promote enhanced care, while also taking into account the needs of caregivers and the economic realities of healthcare providers.

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