Established in 1981, BRODA Seating options provide long-term care patients with the highest level in comfort, resulting in the highest quality of life. Our patented Comfort Tension Seating system is the key to our chairs and provides proper heat and moisture exchange helping to prevent skin breakdown.

BRODA Seating manufactures a complete line of seating options for long-term care patients.

If you are looking for a product to help:

  • Provide comfort and pressure reduction
  • Provide mobility for active residents
  • Improve safe patient handling
  • Reduce staff injuries caused by transferring or repositioning patients
  • Implement a "no lift" or "no fall" program in your facility
  • Minimize maintenance and replacement costs of chairs

BRODA can help you with your goals. Whether you work for a hospital, hospice, nursing home, assisted living facility or have a loved one receiving care - you will see the difference a BRODA chair can make.

DA Comfort Tension Seating

  • Aids in pressure reduction
  • Increases air flow to reduce moisture
  • Increases long-term comfort

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