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We listen to our customers and strive to develop state-of-the-art systems to answer caregivers’ needs in a variety of situations. For example, the “New Patented Technology” CordLess Fall Monitor can be mounted away from the residents bed, removing in-room alarm noise and tripping hazards. Works with bed pads, chair pads and floor mats with embedded transmitters that send a wireless signal to a fall monitor.

Our fall prevention products are designed to help caregivers eliminate falls with early notification that a person at fall or elopement risk is about to get up and walk and/or wander. Caregivers can attend to that person and assist them before a fall occurs. We have specialized in fall management, fall prevention and mobility monitoring for over four decades. It’s what we do.

We have an entire catalog of fall prevention products to help caregivers keep their residents safe. Whether a caregiver at home, a skilled nursing facility, or assisted living facility needing a quiet, audible and /or visual fall prevention or anti-wandering system, we have a solution.


Because we manufacture hundreds of thousands of monitors, we are able to keep costs down for end users.

When Smart Caregiver Corporation™ exploded into the market in 1994, the pre-existing pull string monitors costs $150 and pressure pad systems sold at $300 or more. We are proud to be the catalyst for lower prices and improved systems. Smart Caregiver Corporation™ has been providing bed alarms, fall prevention and anti-wandering devices for hundreds of distributors and their customers worldwide.

It’s all we do. It’s all we produce.


Shop around! You’ll find that Smart Caregiver Corporation products are priced below comparable models offered by our competitors. Smart Caregiver Corporation™ products are engineered specifically to be tough, reliable and user-friendly.

AC/Battery-powered pressure-pad alert systems automatically shift from AC to battery. Smart Caregiver Corporation Wireless remote alert systems are the cutting edge of technology at a fraction of our nearest competitor’s price. Wireless smart alerts and emergency auto dialer are reliable, fully-featured units designed for the rigors of the medical community at a fraction of our nearest competitor’s price.

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