Dedicated to the sole mission of helping those with mobility needs live the most active, independent lives, Pride Mobility Products Corporation is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of personal mobility products, including the iconic Jazzy brand of power chairs, and the Quantum Rehab division, offering the highest-performing complex rehab technology in the industry.

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1986, with a customer-first philosophy, Pride has grown into a global company with distribution centers throughout the U.S. and subsidiaries around the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

Pride's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Pride, in conjunction with its inspired employees, places an emphasis on community service and charity, recognized by such national organizations as the United Way and Muscular Dystrophy Association for its employee involvement and philanthropic efforts.

At the heart of Pride's corporate philosophy is the understanding that mobility products empower lives. Through industry-leading, consumer-inspired designs, Pride offers the highest quality, easiest to use comprehensive line of mobility products in the industry.

The Jazzy line of power chairs has revolutionized the industry in maneuverability and style. Pride Scooters set the standard for exceptional durability and comfort around town. Pride Lift Chairs not only enhance lives, but with the widest range of fabrics and styles, enhance any home's d├ęcor. The Go-Go line of travel mobility products lead the market in portability and performance. Pride Lifts & Ramps allow consumers to transport their mobility products with secure, dependable vehicle solutions. And, the family of companies including Quantum Rehab and Stealth Products represents cutting-edge complex rehab power bases, seating, electronics, and positioning components for the most advanced needs. No matter the level of product, Pride designs in quality, performance, style, and value from the start - innovation isn't a goal, it's the Pride way.

With over a quarter-century of serving consumers, Pride continues to create products with the industry's most innovative features, distinctive styles, and performance-driven touches to help our consumers lead the most active, independent lifestyles. As has been our guiding principle, Pride's goal is to help all "Live One's Best!"

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