Automatic Braking System for Wheelchair

Many falls occur when a wheelchair user forgets or misuses the manual brake. These falls may cause severe injuries (physical and/or psychological).

How Does It Work?

  • A detection system is installed under the seat (hammock or fabric seat)
  • Blocking disks are mounted on the inside of the wheels
  • Pins located near the blocking disks are driven by the detection systems and extend to block wheels when user stands up


  • 100% mechanical and reliable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Light weight approximately 4,5 kilos
  • Universal: Fits most wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair remains foldable
  • Can be used anywhere (home or hospital)
  • Fully adjustable
  • 8 kgs required to disengage brakes
  • Installed lever to enable movement of chair when not in use
  • Automatically locks the wheels as soon as the person stands up


  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustments are self-locking when covers are on
  • 1 year guarantee


  • Compatible with more than 25 brands/models
  • Requires 90 minutes or less to install
  • Easy illustrated instructions included