Staying Healthy and Active

While we all hear those stories of the 80 year old who runs marathons, many of us are not as physically fit as we’d like to be. Whether you’ve been involved in sports and fitness your entire life, or are just starting now on the advice of a doctor, it’s important to progress at your own pace and ability. Whatever your current physical condition, you can engage in some form of physical activity with the help of your doctor. Being active can help you look better, feel better, reduce your risk of a fall or other injury and stay independent.

10 Benefits of Active Living and Physical Fitness
Reduce your risk of falling
More flexible joints
Stronger bones and muscles
Improved balance and endurance
Better heart and lung function
Improve conditions like osteoporosis and gain more mobility
Weight and fat loss
More energy, less fatigue and better sleep
Less anxiety and depression
Meet and socialize with new friends in your community

It’s Game On in Your Senior Years!

Many seniors nowadays are making the most of their leisure time with skiing, hockey, golf, swimming or spinning (that’s bikes, not yarn!) to stay healthy. Here’s just a few of the activities you can participate in to stay healthy.

WalkingClimbing stairs
Fitness classesSwimming
Tai ChiYoga
Water aerobicsGolf
TennisStrength Training

How Often Should You Exercise?

All older adults should strive to exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes per day, in intervals of 10 minutes or more at least three times per week.

Your Fitness Checklist
   Have you seen your doctor recently for a check-up and spoken to them about increasing your physical activity?
   Does your average week include fitness and/ or physical activities that stimulate your muscles and heart?
   opportunities throughout your day to stay active? (i.e. walk instead of driving, using the stairs instead of an elevator)?

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