Our Products from TENA

TENA Ultimate Underwear

Item No. 72116, 72232, 72332, 72425

Improved Design and Updated Packaging

TENA Ultimate Incontinence Underwear are designed to look and feel discreet like regular underwear. But we've made our most secure underwear better. We've added new innovations to keep you dry...more info

TENA Extra Protection Underpad

Item No. 354, 355

Trust TENA for Fearless Protection on surfaces too! TENA Extra Protection Underpads are designed to provide Fearless Protection for your bed...more info

TENA Cleansing Cream Scent Free Pump Bottle

Item No. 64415

This creamy emulsion is a unique blend of emollients, skin conditioners and a moisturizer. TENA Cleansing Cream is ideal for frequent cleansing and moisturizing during continence care when soap and water may otherwise dry the skin....more info

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