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Can-Dan Mobile Electric Height Adjustable Change Table

The Can-Dan Mobile Change Table is infinitely variable in height, within a range of approx. 16", and is powered by a 115 VAC to 24 VDC Actuator. Weight capacity 450 lb.

The top has a removable Grey...more info

Can-Dan Wall Mount Electric Height Adjustable Change Table

The Can-Dan Wall Mount Change Table is adjustable from 22" (from floor to top of mattress) to a height of 37". Weight capacity 250 lb.

The table top has a mattress with 2 body safety belts. 3 wire baskets...more info

Pressalit Care Nursing Benches

Pressalit Care offers a range of high quality, fixed or power adjusted nursing benches designed to provide a stable platform suitable for changing children and adults in a variety of settings: schools, day care centres, institutions, hospitals and...more info

Buddy Roamer

The Buddy Roamer is a posterior walking aid that provides partial weight bearing postural support with mobility.

...more info

Meywalk 4

rong>Mobility for kids to adults

Meywalk 4 stands out in the market of assistive technology by being spring suspended. The springs stimulate the muscles of the user and...more info

Meyland MDiscover

The pattern of movement of small children develops gradually and learning to crawl is a natural stage in this process. Children learn and perceive their surroundings through the body and its senses. The physical activity of the child...more info

Meywalk 2000

Meywalk 2000 is a gait trainer for people with various types of disabilities. Meywalk 2000 is spring suspended, meaning that seat and trunk support follow the movements of the user and provides optimal support through all the phases...more info

Mini Walk

Miniwalk is a gait trainer for children with mobility disabilities. Miniwalk is available in two sizes and can be used by children at ages 1 - 7 years. Miniwalk has springs, which make the upper part of the...more info

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