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TL-2100G Quiet CordLess Fall Prevention Monitor

Quiet Fall Prevention

The “New Patented Technology” CordLess Fall Monitor can be mounted away from the residents bed ( cordless bed alarm ). Monitor can also be placed above bed which reduces alarm noise near the...more info

TL-2100S Safety Auto-Reset Fall Monitor

Safety Auto-Reset

The TL-2100S Monitor is designed for use with all Smart Caregiver corded sensor pads and mats. Simply plug a sensor pad into the monitor and place the pad under the resident in a...more info

TL-2100E: Easy-to-Use Bed / Chair Exit Alarm

Low Cost – Universal

This Smart Caregiver Economy Fall Monitor Alarm functions with weight-sensing bed and chair pressure pads, floor mats, or early warning seat belts. Caregiver is notified by an audible and visual alert.

Monitor can be placed at...more info

TL-2016R Quiet Fall Monitor with Wireless Signal to Pager

Reduce alarm noise in room

The quiet fall monitor can be set to silent to reduce in room alarm noise. When a resident gets up from a bed or chair; or steps on a floor mat, a...more info

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