Our Products from Veigel

Classic Hand Control

Simple and reliable operation, that is what Classic hand controls are made for. To accelerate, simply turn the ergonomic handle clockwise. To brake push the unit slightly forward. The brake can be locked while waiting in traffic.

The ergonomic...more info

Compact Hand Control

Proven technology, sleek and elegant design – that is how the Compact hand control is made. The function is strikingly simple: to accelerate, pull the ergonomically shaped handle backwards, a slight push in forward direction operates the brakes....more info

Detroit Push Rock

The Veigel Detroit Push Rock is made for use with the left hand for both brake and accelerator.

The Push Rock hand control is a favorite by many for its ease to learn and comfortable to drive...more info

Pedal Extensions for Gas and Brake

Reduce the distance to the pedals by 5-10 cm.

Can be removed or...more info

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