Change Tables


Can-Dan Mobile Electric Height Adjustable Change Table

The Can-Dan Mobile Change Table is infinitely variable in height, within a range of approx. 16", and is powered by a 115 VAC to 24 VDC Actuator. Weight capacity 450 lb.

The top has a removable Grey...more info

Can-Dan Wall Mount Electric Height Adjustable Change Table

The Can-Dan Wall Mount Change Table is adjustable from 22" (from floor to top of mattress) to a height of 37". Weight capacity 250 lb.

The table top has a mattress with 2 body safety belts. 3 wire baskets...more info

Pressalit Care Nursing Benches

Pressalit Care offers a range of high quality, fixed or power adjusted nursing benches designed to provide a stable platform suitable for changing children and adults in a variety of settings: schools, day care centres, institutions, hospitals and...more info

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