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Meywalk 4

Mobility for kids to adults

Meywalk 4 stands out in the market of assistive technology by being spring suspended. The springs stimulate the muscles of the user and the movements that are a part of a natural gait are imitated. This way the gait pattern is developed. Furthermore it has been observed that the suspension system very often motivates users with mental disabilities to move around and thus create a platform for further development.

A new feature on Meywalk 4 is the dynamic saddle seat that also follows the movements of the user. The rubber suspended seat allows for a certain degree of hip rotation during gait. When the user walks the saddle seat follows the sideways movements of the hips, but at the same time the user is always brought back to the starting position during the various phases of gait in a gentle and safe manner. The dynamic seat is unique to the Meywalk 4 and is not known from earlier generations of the Meywalk-family.

Meywalk 4 is available in four sizes and can be adjusted to fit the needs and size of each individual user. All settings are done easily without the use of tools, which is a great advantage during active and busy days. Most surfaces on the walker are either coated or upholstered with closed-surface polyurethane that ensures longevity, easy maintenance and cleaning.


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